About Brooks Tower Residences

As we enter a new decade, we are thinking about our building's future for the next century. Our residence has amazing "bones" and an incredible location in downtown Denver. How do we maintain the overall integrity and historical sanctity of Brooks Tower Residences? Through a modernization vision which began in 2019 consisting of updating the supply water, drain, waste, vent and hydronic piping systems. This will allow us to have a more safe and healthy lifestyle while increasing the value of each unit and maximizing each owner's investment. The heat exchanger replacement that is scheduled to take place this year will make our HVAC system more efficient and provide cost savings to each owner. With these modernization projects under way, we are focusing on enhancing both the mechanical structure and integrity of our building while also re-branding our community.

This modernization process will continue with other plans for improvements in the years to come. As part of our rebranding we want to emphasize that we are the "First in the City Living" and will continue our legacy as the quintessential high-rise versus the newly constructed buildings.

Building Modernization Projects

Riser Project

Heat Exchange Project

Fiber Project

Fire Panel Project

Business Affiliates

Thomas Janitorial

Community Affiliates