Brooks Tower Residences:

We are sad to notify you that Joan Foster, a beloved friend, colleague, neighbor, and advocate in our community, passed away early afternoon on Saturday August 1, 2020. Joan had not been feeling well and was diagnosed with cancer in late June. Famous for her privacy and not wishing to call attention to herself, she did not let anyone know of this diagnosis.  Hoping to improve to the point where she could seek treatment, Joan chose to go to a rehabilitation clinic and planned on returning to her home at Brooks Tower following the completion of the construction in her unit. It was not to be. The illness was fast-moving, and resulted in a sudden decline on Saturday August 1. She had absolutely no pain during the progression of the illness; rather, it caused her to sleep a great deal each day. Please be aware that her silence during this period was out of consideration for her friends, and because the illness sapped her energy. For those who will miss her terribly, please know that she handled this her way, quietly, steadily, and gracefully.  And as you would expect from a strong supporter of improvements to her beloved Brooks Tower, she considered the pipe replacement project in her decisions, and continued to take an interest with weekly inquiries about the project. While she longed to remain at home to convalesce, she was adamant that the pipe project stays on schedule. She put the improvements to Brooks Tower above her own comfort, understanding that the construction project would benefit the Brooks Tower community for many years to come.

Due to COVID, we cannot celebrate Joan’s life and her contributions to Brooks Tower the way we would like; however, we will be notifying you of a safe, distanced, method of celebrating and honoring her life in the coming weeks.

Best Regards,

Michelle Rogers
Brooks Tower Residences
Property Management Director